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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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>> that's all for now. i'm hoda kotb. for all of us at northbound, than
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>> in new york, people who don't have a lot lined up on christmas day to get something that will make a big difference. a coat, a little holiday warmth that will go a long way through a tough winter. >> that's a wonderful thing. it's a really wonderful thing. >> reporter: in florida, there was another long line, volunteers picking up boxes to drop off to neighbors in need. >> i could be sitting in church, but i figure i can do a lot more by helping those less fortunate than i am. >> reporter: many americans spent some of this christmas day in church, from the nation's capital, to the war zone in afghanistan. and for military men and women shipping out, a little holiday cheer goes a long way. >> be safe. because i know no matter where you are, it's always dangerous. >> reporter: president obama called a few fighting men and women to offer his personal thanks.
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basketball fans got a big gift. most of those occupy wall street protesters seemed to be taking the day off. after finishing the midnight shift, santa and some of his friends kicked back for a little surf, sun and holiday fun. christmas style. brian moore, nbc news, washington. another christmas wraps up, and the kids are coming down from the excitement. it's time for weary shoppers to look for post-christmas bargains or take back what didn't work, didn't fit, or they wouldn't be caught dead wearing. >> reporter: around the country, around the world, christians celebrated the birth of jesus. midnight mass in new york, songs of praise in tampa. but the day was also about
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santa, whose trek across the globe overnight was tracked by record numbers of kids. more than 100,000 calls fielded by nor add, more than 1 million lights recorded on facebook. shoppers, gift cards in hand, are expected to be back out in stores monday morning, buying and returning. the national retail federation projected eight in ten shoppers would guy gift cards this holiday season, and that for every $1 retailers ring up, they get back a dime in return. people opt for cash over gifts. still, retailers are hoping for a strong finish. >> on average, the week after christmas, accounts are up to 10% of holiday season sales. it's a very important week to close out the season. >> back here, the christmas spirit was also alive on the streets of san francisco today. police officers and firefighters gave close to 10,000 toys to needy children in the city. let's take you to san francisco's lefty o'dool's restaurant where they helped
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raise the toys as part of the 11th annual toy drive. they started at 4:30 this morning and they will continue working past midnight tonight. they say the hard work is worth it when they see happy faces on christmas. >> great to see a smile on their faces. at first they're pretty surprised that the police come up. and calls them over. and when i open the back and tell them, pick what toy you want, they're really happy. it makes my day. >> merry christmas. >> organizers say donations exceeded last year's numbers, adding up to more than 10,000 toys that went to some 2,000 school age children who are homeless. letter carriers helped santa on this christmas day. ten postal carriers helped the robertsville station. at least one worker delivered santa's presents, dressed as st.
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nick. >> we don't realize that we deliver on christmas day. on top of that, having santa at the door. of course, they rush and get their kids at the door. and explain the little -- about santa delivering presents. >> everyone here is a volunteer. every one of them. no mandatory whatsoever. they all wanted to do the right thing. they all have their different reasons, i'm sure. >> we're told they delivered every piece of express mail to each home today. call this next story, the ultimate christmas gift, the gift of life. an oakland man shot and killed this week giving his organs in need of life-saving transplants. vickie has the story. >> reporter: it is something no family should have to do on christmas. grieve the loss of a loved one. the family of 23-year-old charles butler gathered at praise fellowship bible church in richmond to remember that charles' death is saving other
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lives. >> and today, even though charles is not with us, he's giving life to somebody this morning. >> reporter: his organs donated to six people in need of transplants, one apt yok man received a liver transplant this morning. >> he blessed him with a wonderful gift on christmas. my brother is a hero. he is. >> reporter: charles was shot to death in his car near his west oakland home on thursday, a victim to violence that his family said he stayed far away from. >> not all young black men are statistics, meaning that they're all not into drugs or up to shenanigans. and charles was one of them. >> reporter: they say he was a loving young man known for his infectious smile that was captured on this video played at the memorial service. charles was on his way to becoming a longshoreman like his father.
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and even though charles can't live to see his dream come true, his family is comforted that his death will help so many others. >> he will live on in these people's bodies. i just wish them a very merry christmas. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. san jose today, a 1-year-old child suffered minor injuries after his mother reportedly dropped him from a second-story window. police officers responded to a report of a woman who had locked herself in a bathroom with her child. this morning at a home near stevens creek, police say the woman dropped her son out of the window after officers forced their way into the bathroom. the mother was later arrested and is under investigation for a possible psychiatric condition. also in san jose, a 69-year-old man is in police custody after he allegedly fought through a taser shot and broke an officer's nose. it happened just before 10:30 this morning east of downtown and ended at a house on 24th and
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san fernando streets. paul pierce resisted arrest following a hit-and-run accident. when they tracked his vehicle to the house, the 6'2" man attacked police and punched an officer in the face. he faces multiple charges, including felony battery on an officer. it doesn't happen all that often, but christmas and hanukkah crossing paths. also, cold temperatures are putting a freeze on your new year's resolution exercise goals? we have a no-excuse alternative. the warriors tipped off the nba season in oakland tonight. we'll tell you if they were able to take down the suddenly mighty clippers. and we've got rain on the way for some parts of the bay area. we'll let you know if your city is included in that forecast. we want to take you outside to christmas in the park in san jose. people enjoying the spectacular tree while they still can.
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it is a time of celebration around the globe today. while the pope delivered christmas greetings at his traditional address at the vatican, the british royal family spent the day giving well wishes to one of its own. >> reporter: one family visiting a loved one on christmas day, thousands came to wish them well as they attended church without prince philip.
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in rome, the pope gave his traditional message to the world with a prayer for peace. around the world people are celebrating in their own ways, from the sunshine of australia, to the sand in india. and in afghanistan, midnight mass for u.s. troops. >> it's sad being away from my family at christmas, but it's nice being here with all my brothers and sisters in the armed services. >> i want to wish everyone back in seattle and florida a very merry christmas and happy new year. >> reporter: far from home, it's in everyone's thoughts. big crowds turning out for the royal family's traditional visit to church. prince charles said his father was doing well, and is very determined. nbc news, london. in san francisco today, the salvation army spread cheer to home-bound residents of the city, bringing a hot meal to
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their doorstep. volunteers helped prepare 5,400 meals. most of the people volunteer every year and say they don't mind putting off their own christmas celebrations because more than two-thirds of seniors in san francisco live alone and need their help. >> a lot of people can't get out of their apartments or homes. and this way, they see nobody at christmas. this way they get a knock at the door, a friendly smile, a merry christmas and a nice hot meal. >> organizers say they've noticed an increase in the number of people who need their help every year. the salvation started the program some 45 years ago. this is also the time of year when many of us resolve to exercise more. studies show january is actually when people work out the least. medical experts say this is largely because of weather. nbc's erica edwards has ways you can get your body moving when everything around you is cold. >> reporter: trudging through
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the snow on a sub-zero arctic day is not how most people want to burn their holiday calories away. the good news is there are a lot of exercises you can do without leaving your heated home. >> empty bleach bottle or something, put water or sand in it. do light weights. do them vigorously. >> reporter: or you can add new meaning to the word work while at the office. >> every office building in the world has stairs. >> reporter: he's no stranger to the cold. he works at the mayo clinic in snowy rochester, minnesota. he says vigorous exercise for ten minutes at least three times a week will significantly lower your risk for heart attack. that adds up to only 30 minutes a week. but the doctor says that half hour isn't meant to be a walk in the park. >> that means intervals, where you go hard a couple of minutes, hard enough you say, wow, i can't do this for more than a
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couple minutes, then you back off, don't give off, get your breath back and do it again. >> reporter: if you choose to brave the winter weather and exercise outdoors, experts recommend wearing lots of layers. shield your extremities with heavy socks, and caps and gloves and stay hydrated. or do a combination of both. work out clearing the snow off your car so you can drive it to the gym. we admit it's not that cold here where you'll be shoveling a lot of snow for exercise. but if you are on the way to the gym, eating a small snack a half an hour to an hour could jen a little more heat before you exercise since your body is also working on digestion. thank you so much for coming by, and it looks very cold behind you. >> it is cold. you can get a workout with your credit card, getting front off your windshield at this point. some of the cities up in the north bay have dipped below that freezing mark, 29 degrees in
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napa. but the good news is, we're not talking near record lows. a couple of mornings last week we hit 21 degrees in napa. so this is actually a little bit of a warm-up for you. the courtesy is the cloud cover overhead. it actually trapped in a little bit of the warmth, blanketing the bay area. once we lose that cloud cover, all that warmth radiates back out into the atmosphere. not as frigid, partly cloudy, tomorrow staying cool. as we head through the week, we finally have much-needed rain on the way. not much in the terms of accumulation, but we do need the rain so we'll take whatever we can get. 5:00 a.m., something we haven't seen for quite some time, the fog will return hugging the coast. probably until about 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the real changes are on tuesday. we'll see a little more cloud cover. it won't be as warm in the afternoon, but your mornings
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will be much more comfortable, easier to take. as you can see here, wednesday, the main event arrives. we're talking about breezy to limited conditions. i've been tracking this storm the past five days, and really looking weak in terms of accumulations. if anything, down in the south bay, we'll call it mostly cloudy. areas south of the golden gate bridge a few light showers. we've got another system of low pressure that looks interesting, as we head into this coming weekend. at the end of the weekend. but other than that, this is really all we're expecting. 6:00 wednesday, that's when the first showers first arrive. very light in nature. maybe .10 to .25 of an inch at best. a little bit of a warm-up overnight. 36 in gilroy. you'll probably hit 39 tonight in san jose. tomorrow, after we get through
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with the cold start, we'll see a pretty nice afternoon, 61 degrees in los gatos, about 57 degrees in san francisco. with a mix of sun and clouds. so more clouds than we've had over the past week. cloudier as a whole, as we head through the next five or six days. let's take you into your new year's eve and new year's forecast. looking good. no rain in the forecast. i know that's the last thing you want on new year's eve. but we're looking good sunday. 58 degrees. we've got that interesting setup as we head through late sunday, into monday, maybe more rain up in the north bay. we'll be right back here tomorrow morning 4:30 a.m. tracking that storm. now, back to you, scott. merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you, too. warriors took to the court for theirst time this season. we'll see if they had a very merry christmas. favorite holiday memories when the 49ers and sharks were kids. endearing looks at holidays
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past. what's a good season without the good food. how you can eat like a shark. while we chew on the end of the nba season. that coming up in just a bit. [ mom ] hey guys. th
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welcome back. it's kind of a rare occurrence worth set brating. a special celebration today, christmas overlapping with hanukkah this year. folks waiting for a table outside saul's restaurant and de deli. >> fb gets to party. >> there you go. we would like to wish everyone a merry christmas and happy hanukkah on this occasion when the two holidays overlap. we'll be back with
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we're going to wrap up this christmas newscast with some hoops. warriors kept the game close until the very end. the l.a. clippers, complete with trade acquisition chris paul and trading buckets with the warriors stars like david lee, along with an injured curry. the warriors gave up a few too many turnovers and couldn't keep up with the clippers during the final stretch. clippers 105-golden state 86. they host the chicago bulls tomorrow night. another warrior loss. >> a long, yet abbreviated season to go. >> there will be some
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excitement. thank you for joining us. sports sunday is next. we'll leave you with a little bit of san jose's christmas in the park. have a very merry christmas.
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cherished memories of the holidays, shared by the 49ers and the sharks. reflecting on their favorite times spent with family and
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friends and the gifts that meant the most. we unwrap a variety of topics tonight with jerry west. the conversation goes beyond the time with what's to come in the new year. we show you how to eat like a shark. the chef that cooks for the team, also delivers pizza in the south bay. and nearby at the american kickboxing academy is where we catch up with one of the usc's top welterweights getting set for battle on a huge card this coming week. good evening. happy holidays. we've been talking for months about our new format on "sports sunday," a focus on conversations and featured stories. you've seen all the game highlights from the entire weekend by now. tonight we beginit


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